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Get the most out of finding and booking studios on Stufinder

If you’re an artist, musician, band, vocalist, songwriter or just a music lover, these guides will help you get the most out of finding and booking recording studios on the Stufinder App.

Guides to help you find, book, & earn 👀

Artist Tools - Stufinder

Getting Started Guide

From getting to know the Stufinder app to booking a studio, get an overview of finding and booking recording studios on Stufinder. The Stufinder App is really easy to use and understand

Artist Tools - Stufinder

Features Guide

You can use Stufinder to sell your features & earn money from your time in the studio. If you have a home studio or a studio you work with, inquire with them about a feature session.

Artist Tools - Stufinder

Tempo Tapper

Use the Tempo Tapper to figure out the tempo or BPM you're looking for. Tempo Tapper is the best Tap Tempo tool on the internet. Available for use on

Artist Tools - Stufinder

Streaming Calculators

Streaming Calculators on Stuculator. These tools help you figure out how much you will earn on streaming platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, SoundCloud and more.

Artist Tools - Stufinder

Goal Guide

See how Stufinder can help you achieve your goals and help you advance in your music, production, or podcast career.

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