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Types of Rooms in a Professional Recording Studio

Control Room

This is the nerve center of the studio where the mixing console, monitors, computer, and other equipment are located. The control room is where the engineer or producer sits to record, mix, and master the music.

Control rooms could have an island and a nice seating area.

Vocal Booth

This is a small soundproof room designed for recording vocals or voiceovers. It is often acoustically treated with sound-absorbing materials to reduce unwanted reflections and echoes.

Machine Room

This is a separate room where the noisy equipment like power amplifiers and cooling fans are placed to avoid unwanted noise in the control room.

Lounge Area

This is a space for the musicians and other personnel to relax and socialize during breaks in the recording session. It may include a kitchenette, sofas, and other amenities.

Live Room

This is the room where the musicians perform, and it is typically designed to have excellent acoustics. The live room is where the microphones are set up to capture the sound of the instruments and vocals.

Live rooms are usually acoustically treated.

Isolation Room

This is a small soundproof room designed for recording loud instruments like drums or electric guitar amps. The isolation room allows the musician to play at a high volume without bleeding into the other microphones in the live room.

Storage Room

This is a space for storing musical instruments, equipment, and other items. It may also be used for repairing and maintaining equipment.

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