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Studeur Tools | Stufinder

Getting Started Guide

From getting to know the Stufinder app to managing your studio, get a comprehensive crash course in setting up and optimizing your recording studio listing.

Book us on Stufinder Sticker

“Book us on Stufinder” Sticker Request

Request 'Book us on Stufinder' stickers for your professional recording studio, home studio, podcast studio, rehearsal studio, or mobile studio.

Studeur Tools | Stufinder

Studio of the Week
Feature Application

Apply to be featured on Stufinder's Studio of the Week on one of these Fridays. A Stufinder Agent will reach out to your studio in due time.

Studeur Tools | Stufinder

Free Stickers

Request free Stufinder stickers. We will ship your courtesy Stufinder stickers for your laptop/computer, equipments, fridge, etc.

Studeur Tools | Stufinder

Cleaning & Disinfection Guide

See how to clean and disinfect your studio thoroughly and effectively to safeguard yourself and your guests, and comply with the Stufinder enhanced cleaning policy.

Studeur Tools | Stufinder

Photography Guide

Better studio pics for more studio clicks - We created a guide to help you convert more bookings. See how to take good photos of your recording studio.

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