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Multitracking (noun, verb)

Type: noun, verb

Pronunciation: /mal-ty-track-in/

Also spelled or known as: Multitrackin’, Multi-tracking, Multi tracking, Multi-trackin’

Related: Track, Tracks, Multitrack Recording, Tracking

What does Multitracking mean?

Recording individual tracks or songs, on computer, recorder or tape.

Multitracking (also called  multitrack recording or tracking) is the process of recording a collective of sounds onto separate tracks, then combining the tracks to play back simultaneously “the recording process”. Multitracking is basically recording songs, on computer, recorder or tape. During tracking audio is recorded digitally as separate audio files into a digital audio workstation (DAW). In a DAW, tracks contain audio and MIDI layers. Each instrument has its own track.

Multitracking Synonyms: Multitrack Recording, Tracking

Example sentence: “We were multitracking in the studio earlier..”

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