BlogArticlesWorld’s Loudest Hummer “Soul Asylum H2” Parked Inside of Soul Asylum Studios

World’s Loudest Hummer “Soul Asylum H2” Parked Inside of Soul Asylum Studios

World's Loudest Hummer "Soul Asylum H2" Parked Inside Soul Asylum Studios

The World’s Loudest Hummer is parked inside one of Atlanta’s premier recording studios, Soul Asylum Studios.

In the heart of Atlanta, where the beats of the city blend with the rhythms of creativity, there exists a haven like no other—Soul Asylum Studios. Now, imagine walking into this musical sanctuary and encountering a sight that defies expectations: the world’s loudest Hummer, affectionately known as the “Soul Asylum H2,” parked right within the studio walls.

Customized to the nines, the Soul Asylum H2 is not your average Hummer, it has 86 speakers, 25,000 watts, 3-time world champion in sound quality and lighting. With a paint job that mirrors the vibrant energy of the studio itself and an audio system that can rival the roar of a rock concert, this beast on wheels is a mobile manifestation of the Soul Asylum ethos—loud, bold, and unapologetically unique. From its imposing exterior to the intricate details within, the Soul Asylum H2 is a symbol of audacity in both automotive and musical realms. The Soul Asylum H2

Soul Asylum Studios has always been a space where innovation and creativity collide. The addition of the Soul Asylum H2 is a testament to the studio’s commitment to pushing boundaries.

As the Soul Asylum H2 proudly takes its place within the creative haven of Soul Asylum Studios, it symbolizes more than just a flashy vehicle. It embodies the spirit of innovation, and the unyielding pursuit of pushing the limits of sound of the road.

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