BlogStudio of the WeekStudio of the Week: Rarefied Recording (San Diego, CA)

Studio of the Week: Rarefied Recording (San Diego, CA)

Studio of the Week: Rarefied Recording (San Diego, CA)

Studio of the Week this week is Rarefied Recording (@rarefiedrecording) in San Diego, CA. Through the Stufinder platform you can now book sessions at Rarefied Recording today.

Located in the North Park area of San Diego, You can book an hour session here for $100/hour, it includes an engineer. Rarefied Recording past clients include Slightly Stoopid, Unwritten Law, Rob $tone, Hirie, Streetlight Cadence, and Beach Goons. Rarefied has also been proud to host sessions for some amazing engineers/producers such as Darrell Thorp (Radiohead, Foo Fighters, Beck), Dennis Weinreich (Queen, Jeff Beck, Super Tramp), Tanner Sparks (Switchfoot, Weezer), and Brian Scheuble (Tom Petty, Ice Cube, Fiona Apple, Elton John).

Rarefied Recording was founded by Engineer Roy Silverstein in June of 2013.

“I started Rarefied to fulfill my personal dream of having a professional place to record and mix music. I came up through the home recording path, having started on a cassette 4 track in the 90’s and then slowly graduating up from there. I never worked in a studio, but I always took recording very seriously and became frustrated by the limitations of the bedroom/living room setups I had been operating in. So when I was able to afford it, I hired a studio designer (Wes Lachot) and built out Rarefied not knowing exactly where it would go, but excited to finally have a place with nothing holding me back from my highest potential. Little did I know the community of engineers I was about to become meshed with. That has driven the studio to greater heights and provided additional drive for me to maintain the space to the highest standards. Since September of 2015, Rarefied has been my full time gig as an owner/operator and chief engineer.” Roy Silverstein tells us.

Rarefied Recording is professionally acoustically treated and sessions include an in-house engineer. With state of the art equipments and a beautiful aesthetic, Rarefied Recording provides rich and intricate sounds and a good time. Book a session at Rarefied Recording today.

We asked Roy what Rarefied meant and he told us “Rarefied is a word often associated with the upper echelons of a society or group of people. The most elite. The most talented. The cream of the cream. To rarefy (as a verb) also means to make more complex, intricate, and rich which musically speaking is essentially the goal. I’ve got the facility and tools at hand to refine one’s music to greater heights. That not only means exceptional room acoustics, but also a well curated equipment and instrument list. Another tie in to audio- sound in its most physical sense is simply the compression and RAREFACTION (expansion) of air. Those local air pressure changes are what the eardrum is sensitive to and what we perceive as sound.”

Roy Silverstein also had this to tell us “While it’s fun to see some of these very exclusive studios pop up on Stufinder that cost insane dollars, Rarefied has always been a place that empathizes with the plight of today’s independent artist. I’m acutely aware that the average artist/band has limited financial resources at their command. To this end, my M.O. has been to keep my overhead low and offer what I believe is a fair and attainable rate for most people while still supplying a facility and sonic result that matches what you’d expect from any top tier studio. I hope those in San Diego and even from Orange County, and Los Angeles will give Rarefied a close look when choosing their next place to record. I believe that what you get in terms of vibe, price, sound of the rooms, and equipment are of exceptional value. Whether it’s myself engineering or one of my many local engineering friends, we will do our best to do right by your music. Thanks in advance for trusting Rarefied with your art.”

Hirie’s “Dreamer” and Unwritten Law’s “The Hum” was recorded at this studio.

Slightly Stoopid’s “Everyday Life, Everyday People” and Rob $tone’s “Stone Cold” was mixed at this studio.

Rarefied Recording
Rarefied Recording on Stufinder

Inside Rarefied Recording (San Diego, CA)

Studio Photos was taken by Eric Poggioli of Unforgettable Studios.

Studio of the Week: Rarefied Recording (San Diego, CA)
Studio of the Week: Rarefied Recording (San Diego, CA)

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