BlogStudio of the WeekStudio of the Week: SubCat Studios (Syracuse, NY)

Studio of the Week: SubCat Studios (Syracuse, NY)

Studio of The Week SubCat Studios

Studio of the Week this week is SubCat Studios (@subcatstudios) in Syracuse, NY. Through the Stufinder platform you can now book sessions at SubCat Music Studios‘ three studio rooms (Studio A, Studio B, and Studio C) today.

Located in the Syracuse, NY, SubCat Studios was initially founded in 2001 in Skaneateles, NY, and later relocated to Syracuse in 2011. This move transformed the studio into the widely recognized and respected creative space it is today. SubCat Studios has three studio rooms; Studio A is $70/hour, Studio B is $60/hour, Studio C is $45/hour, all studio rooms include an in-house engineer. SubCat Studios’ past clients include Future, Lil Tjay, Scorey, Adrien Brody, Patton Oswald, Tim Tebow, Rich Redmond, Vinny and Carmine Appice, Tim “Ripper” Owens, and many more.

SubCat Studios was founded by Ron Keck, due to the rise of technological advancements in audio engineering around the late 90’s and early 2000’s. “SubCat Studios represents a cornerstone in the Central New York community for both musicians and the arts in general. We’ve created a standard and maintained an esteemed reputation by offering top-notch facilities, an inviting ambiance, and competitive rates. SubCat represents the premier destination for creativity and innovation within Syracuse’s thriving entertainment industry.” says Cody Slade from SubCat Studios.

SubCat Studios has done a lot of voiceover work for television networks and films. A few examples of voiceover work done here include Law & Order SVU, the new “Fairly OddParents: Fairly Odder,” America’s Most Wanted, and Naked & Afraid. Recently, they completed some ADR work on Charlie Day’s film “Fool’s Paradise,” the trailer for which was released this week.

We asked Cody what’s the funniest thing that’s happened at the studio he told us, “Our engineers’ versatility often leads to fascinating interactions between various music genres. Our studios are situated on opposite ends of the main hallway, and one day we had a metal band in Studio A and a rap artist in Studio B. They must have crossed paths in the hallway because, before we knew it, the metal band’s vocalist was in Studio B, collaborating on the hook for the rap artist’s song.

The interaction during the recording was hilarious, as it’s not a typical genre blend you’d expect to see. However, witnessing such a unique collaboration unfold served as a reminder that the potential for creative connections between musicians is endless.”

Cody Slade tells us that “Efforts are underway to establish an Arts Corridor in Syracuse, turning old buildings into spaces for art-related businesses. Our building is the proposed starting point for the corridor, and with the help of some private parties, we’re working to bring animation and larger post-production projects to Syracuse.”

SubCat Studios Syracuse, NY

“As the Arts Corridor project progresses and more businesses emerge within it, I think many of them will find it helpful to use Stufinder as their main booking platform.”

Future recorded his feature for “Grammys” in Studio A of SubCat Studios.

Scorey started off recording most of his tracks in Studio C before he got his break and relocated to advance his music career to the next level.

Inside SubCat Studios

Studio Photos was taken by Chris Cooper

SubCat Studios – Studio A – $70/hour

SubCat Studios – Studio B – $60/hour

SubCat Studios – Studio C – $45/hour

Studio of the Week: SubCat Studios (Syracuse, NY)
Studio of the Week: SubCat Studios (Syracuse, NY)

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