BlogStudio of the WeekStudio of the Week: Goobster’s Room Studios (North Hollywood, CA)

Studio of the Week: Goobster’s Room Studios (North Hollywood, CA)

Studio of the Week: Goobster's Room Studios (North Hollywood, CA)

Studio of the Week this week is Goobster’s Room Studios (@goobsterroomstudios) in North Hollywood, CA. Through the Stufinder platform you can now book sessions at Goobster’s Room Studios Goobster’s Room today.

Goobster’s Room Studios was founded in January 2017 by producer and head engineer Christian Zavala (aka Goobster). Located in North Hollywood, California, Goobster’s Room Studios’ Goobster Room is $65/hour and includes an in-house engineer (Goobster himself), the room has a Neumann u87 mic, Pro Tools, Tube Preamp, & Heritage Audio Tubesessor tube compressor. The even have plugins likeSoundToys, Waves, iZoptope, Acustica, FabFilter, and more.

YG has came by to check out Goobster’s Room Studios, “he said he fucked with the spot” Christian tells us. (a photo of Christian and YG is on Goobster’s Room Stufinder listing)

YG & Christian Zavala (aka Goobster) (Engineer & Owner of Goobster's Room Studios)
YG & Christian Zavala (aka Goobster) (Engineer & Owner of Goobster’s Room Studios)

Aside from that, Goobster has worked with many local artists’ sounds from the San Fernando Valley and major surrounding cities like Los Angeles, Glendale, Santa Clarita etc. 

Goobster’s Room Studios’ past clients include Crippled Mane, as well as lots of local artists from the LA area/throughout the San Fernando Valley, and many more.

“Can’t Back Out – EP” by Crippled Mane which released on October 8th, 2021, was recorded at Goobster’s Room.

“Not only was the entire project Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered here, but each song was mixed with the full track-out stems and reached a sonically competitive/professional level that I know many other artists could achieve as soon as they walk through these studio doors. I truly believe that people who work in this studio will make their best music to date if they take the opportunity to lock in and build!” – Christian tells us.

We asked Christian what inspired him to start his studios he says… “What inspired me to start my studio was to be able to provide people with the absolute BEST engineering services possible so that they could make their music sound GREAT and have their music live on for an ETERNITY! I remember when I first got into music, a good engineer was really hard to find! After booking countless sessions over at bigger studios, I remember feeling upset and unhappy with the services that other people provided because it felt like if you weren’t already a big name, most engineers didn’t even care for your craft. Not only that, but if you were a big name, or if they did care to put in some effort, i’ve always found that naturally the stuff I did to the records just sounded better and it was very rare for me to come across another engineer that knew more than me, let alone just as much as me. So that’s why I decided to start my studio, to provide people with the best services that most other studios lack. No disrespect to any other spot because I know there are good studios and engineers out there, but for me it was pretty hard to find those good apples. That’s why for those reading I would like to say,  Congratulations, you’ve found the ABSOLUTE BEST! And if you don’t believe me, try booking a session or getting a mix done for yourself so you could really see all the greatness I can provide to bring your visions to life!”

When we asked what Goobster’s Room Studios mean to him, he says “My studio means excellence. In Goobster’s Room, we do not cut corners or settle for mediocrity. I assure every artist that walks through that door that I will always give them my all to make sure that their vision is properly executed and brought to life! Whatever help they need in the studio, I will provide. I will always make sure to put the artist first so that whatever they create, they are happy with, and to help them leave behind a legacy of greatness and… Excellence. 

For those who want to make classics, or just make their music sound as best as possible tap into Goobster’s Room Studios on Stufinder. Goobster also has a YouTube channel where he will be posting tutorial videos and all things engineering/music.

Christian found out about Stufinder through from his friend Michael Tobinsky over at The Bunker Recording Studios.

Goobster's Room Studios on Stufinder
Goobster’s Room Studios on Stufinder

“My future plans for the studio is to continue helping artists make their music sound as best as possible! Also when the time is right I will expand into bigger and better locations to help even more artists and build/train a team of engineers to help elevate the quality of music overall as a whole. Aside from that I will also continue to build an online presence to expose more people to what we have going on and show them what could be achieved through the power of engineering! Such as engineering tutorials on my YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. And hopefully find other vessels to share this immense knowledge I’ve earned to better the community overall as a whole” – Christian tell us.

Inside Goobster’s Room Studios (North Hollywood, CA)

Studio Photos was taken by Christian (Goobster)

Goobster’s Room Studios – $65/hour

Studio of the Week: Goobster's Room Studios (North Hollywood, CA)
Studio of the Week: Goobster’s Room Studios (North Hollywood, CA)

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