BlogGuides & HacksStudio of the Week: Dumblit Studios (Eatontown, NJ)

Studio of the Week: Dumblit Studios (Eatontown, NJ)

Studio of the Week: Dumblit Studios (Eatontown, NJ)

Studio of the Week this week is Dumblit Studios (@dumblit_studios) in Eatontown, New Jersey. Through the Stufinder platform you can now book a session at Dumblit Studios today.

DUMBLIT Studios was founded in 2018 in Spring Lake Heights, NJ as an event support and merchandising brand. In 2020 they reformed and began laying the foundation for what they would become today. DUMBLIT is a premier entertainment company based at the Jersey Shore. They concern themselves in all facets of entertainment; beginning with their recording studios, their our team of live sound professionals, and finally their team of creative media specialists. Dumblit’s team of over 15 professionals is prepared to take on any challenge. Located in Eatontown, New Jersey, Dumblit Studios’ rate is $65 per hour and includes an in-house engineer.

Dumblit Studios has had a wide variety of artists record at the studio over the years from beginner artists looking to establish their sound to charting artists looking to get the DUMBLIT experience. Their past clients include: Ashtin Larold, Mir Fontane, Ethan Ross, Hefna380, Samad Savage, Cam Steady, Benton, Robsan, and many more. The studio has been credited with artists such as FBG Duck, Mick Jenkins, Issa Gold, Northside Hollow and many more.

Popular Records Recorded at Dumblit Studios:
Ethan Ross, Ashtin Larold – Slide
Ashtin Larold – Doug Dimmadome
Cam Steady, Ashtin Larold, Dumblit – Won’t Be Missed
Dumblit (feat. Krispel) – Flammable Robsan
Ethan Ross, Ashtin Larold, Cam Steady (feat. Dumblit) – Ammunition
Ashtin Larold, Northside Hollow, Dumblit – Tighten Up
Ethan Ross, Ak3k – 100Ways

Dumblit Studios on Stufinder
Dumblit Studios on Stufinder

We asked what inspired the start his studio, they told us, “We had been working in the recording business of New Jersey for years prior to Dumblit and realized if we wanted to see a change in the way our state’s music scene operated there was no better way to do it than to change it ourselves. We always had a love for making records, experimenting with different or new genres, and found ourselves creating a team that could do it all for the artist. We were (and are still) driven to be a one-stop-shop for an artist or creative professional; providing the recording, mixing, mastering, content planning, videography, photography, editing, marketing strategy, and live performance
support all under one roof.”

“Our studio is the world to us. We’ve created a location and a brand that someone can be totally creatively free without judgment. To us it represents a step in the right direction when correcting toxicity and the social hierarchy that some spaces exude before someone even steps in the door. We want everyone to step through our door to feel appreciated and supported no matter what stage of their career they’re approaching- because that’s what we wanted to experience when we were making our way through the ranks.” they tell us.

Inside Dumblit Studios (Eatontown, NJ)

Studio Photos was taken by Dumblit Staff

Dumblit Studios – $65/hour

We also asked them about future plans for the studio “We’re currently in the midst of expanding into other areas of entertainment. We have 2 full service recording studios at our Eatontown location- and our other departments, Media and Live Sound, are making strides in establishing our brand as a high level player in the entertainment world. Dumblit fully intends to be one of the largest players in entertainment across the world.”

“Our head engineer, ICantCook, was researching different ways to make our studio more discoverable and stumbled upon Stufinder.” they add.

Studio of the Week: Dumblit Studios (Eatontown, NJ)

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